Cost of living


Cost of living in New Zealand

New Zealand is an affordable option for international students, providing excellent quality of life for a lower cost than many countries around the world. In the Mercer ‘Cost of Living Survey’ (2014), New Zealand’s major cities Auckland and Wellington were shown to provide a lower cost of living than cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, New York, Paris, London, Dublin, Moscow, Sydney and Melbourne.

How much you pay for daily expenses in New Zealand will depend on where you choose to live, as well as your personal spending habits. The following prices provide a guide to what you might expect to spend on living expenses in New Zealand.

  • Accommodation: NZ$100 to $350 per week
  • Food: NZ$60 to $100 per week
  • Transport: NZ$10 to $70 per week  
  • Entertainment: NZ$40 to $100 per week
  • Utilities: NZ$20 to $60 per week

Source: Institution websites, August 2014

The New Zealand Government’s Statistics Department has provided a summary of the average price of common purchases:

  • Bread (white sliced loaf): NZ$1.94
  • Milk (2 litres): NZ$3.19
  • Fish and chips: NZ$5.77
  • Apples (1 kilogram): NZ$2.32
  • Lamb chops (1 kilogram): NZ$12.29
  • Beer (one glass, 400 millilitres): NZ$5.78
  • Cup of coffee: NZ$4.00
  • Petrol (91 octane, 1 litre): NZ$2.02

Prices are as at June 2014